From Husky puppies to beautiful draft horses, these animals enjoying winter snow in Quebec are super cute. Pulling a dog sled isn’t just for any old breed and one of the most popular in North America are the Huskies, often used in sled dog racing. We captured these athletic, energetic, smart dogs, which are also darn cute puppies in Mont Tremblant, Quebec when we went dog sledding.

sled-dog-puppies-quebec-1024x683-8647907Sled dog puppies in Quebec

Mounted police patrol areas on horseback, oftentimes crowded ones, but in their off time these working horses also find time to play. While these horses serve many purposes, including crowd control and giving officers a high horse’s view of what’s going on in any area, they can also be both welcoming and intimidating for passersby. In Montreal’s Mont Royal Park, we met police horses that do their job well and help welcome visitors to and patrol this Canadian version of Central Park.

quebec-horse-snow-1024x683-5823127Curious blonde – Quebec draft horse

Pulling a horse drawn sleigh is a job for a Draft horse, a tall, strong horse breed used throughout history for work on farms and to pull carriages in cities. In Quebec, while the draft horses we met went to work, the other riding horses enjoyed their play, though they still seemed to want to come along for the ride. Hopefully this video inspires you and your four-legged friend to play outside, even when the conditions get chilly!