Darley Newman enjoys the city view of Tokyo
Darley Newman enjoys the city view of Tokyo

In Japan’s capital city, the largest metropolitan area on the planet, getting up high to take in the Tokyo city views is a must. From the free and fabulous to city bars with views, check out the best places to enjoy this iconic skyline.

#1 Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Let’s start with the free. There’s no fee to visit the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building’s Observation Decks, which are each located in one of two towers on the 45th floor. Just take the express elevator up to enjoy panoramic views by day or evening. When it was built in 1990, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building was the tallest building in Tokyo. Today these towers, which were designed to resemble a computer chip, are overshadowed by our next top pick for great views, Tokyo Skytree.

#2 Tokyo Skytree

You’ll be able to spot the Tokyo Skytree from many neighborhoods while traveling in Tokyo. At over 2000 feet high, 634 meters, this broadcast and radio communications tower is a great place to take in Tokyo sunsets and for those with a taste for beer, hang out below for more great views.

Tokyo's skyline
Tokyo’s skyline

#3 Roppongi Hills’ Tokyo City View

If you want open-air views, head to Roppongi Hills, where an outdoor sky deck allows for day or nighttime viewing from just above the 54th floor. Get your photo with the Tokyo Skytree or Tower in the background and enjoy the view. Down below, shops, restaurants, and public art make this a great place to walk around in Tokyo.

#4 The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho

For dinner or drinks with a view, check into The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho, (Key O e Cho) where top restaurants and lounges offer sparkling nighttime views and good cocktails to boot. And if you need somewhere to stay, this hotel’s rooms offer stunning Tokyo city views.


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