Foodies Guide to Hong Kong


If you like good food, you’ll love traveling through Hong Kong. From outdoor markets to top restaurants, the diversity of food finds is outstanding, ranging from Thai to Cantonese to British gastronomy. Check out this travel guide to great places to eat in Hong Kong and a number of dishes you have to taste on your adventures. Watch the video above and keep reading below. #1 Dim Sum Dining on Dim Sum in Hong Kong is not only tasty, but will grant you a great window into Hong Kong culture. Similar to tasting tapas in Spain, trying Dim Sum in Hong Kong allows you to sample many different flavors in one meal.

Divine dim sum at Tim Ho Wan, where the line was out the door for a table.

 It’s worth it for the BBQ pork bun alone. One of the top Dim Sum places is popular Tim Ho Wan, where Chef Mak creates mouth watering shrimp dumplings and beyond, all at very reasonable prices. Make sure to order the crispy BBQ pork buns and anything else that catches your eye during this culinary adventure.


Dim Sum at Tim Ho Wan with my guide Fred. For those of you who want to try Tim Ho Wan in New York City. Chef Mak has his first restaurant opening this fall in the East Village! I know I’ll be there on my next visit to NYC. #2 Seafood: Dried & Fresh Seafood is a staple of Hong Kong cuisine and it’s super fresh. At the Mong Kok market, you can see the catch of the day and beyond. Over on Dried Seafood Street, dive into the world of dried seafood, a common ingredient in many Chinese dishes and especially popular around Chinese New Year.

Abalone at Sing Kee, a Michelin starred restaurant on Seafood Street in Sai Kung.

Head to Sai Kung’s seafood street for some of the freshest seafood around. You can actually pick what you’d like to eat, straight from the tanks and have it cooked up at a Michelin starred restaurant at Sing Kee.

Colorful fishing boats in Sai Kung.

In the historic fishing village of Tai O, make sure to try something made with their signature shrimp paste to complete your Hong Kong seafood experience. We tried a few different dishes at the Tai O Heritage Hotel, which makes for a nice overnight escape from the bustle of the city. #3 Milk Tea Hong Kong style milk tea is strong but smooth and a must try on your travels to Hong Kong. Try Hong Kong style milk tea in a café in Sham Shui Po, an area known for its authentic Hong Kong food, including rare old-school finds, or a local’s tea café like Lan Fong Yuen under the escalators in Central.

Milk tea and a pineapple bun at a traditional Hong Kong cafe.

There are four Sweet Treats Hong Kong residents don’t just save dessert for after dinner. Be on the lookout for pineapple buns and egg tarts at breakfast and hot tofu dessert for a silky afternoon treat. Sham Shui Po is a great neighborhood to find all of this and other traditional eats and where you can take an organized food tour with Hong Kong Foodie to really get the lay of the land from the locals. Whether you end up dining in a Michelin starred restaurant for upscale fusion fare or on downhome Chinese BBQ, we guarantee your taste buds will thank you on a foodies trip through Hong Kong.