Learn how the best olive oil is made in Spain!

Just outside of Priego de Cordoba, a Spanish town well known for its olive groves, you can visit farms and learn first-hand how olive oil is made. It’s a process that will make you appreciate those easy-to-open bottles of the green stuff.

Priego de Cordoba has been a hotspot for producing olive oil since Roman times. In the 18th century, the town gained wealth from the silk trade and the historic homes of wealthy silk merchants still line the streets. The town is small and can easily be enjoyed on foot. Standing on the promenade high up on a hill on the edge of town, travelers can gaze out to see rolling hills of olive trees.

It’s only when you visit an olive oil farm and see the process that you can truly appreciate its intricacies. The first step is harvesting the olives, which can be quite a workout, whether you do it the traditional way of hand picking the olives or use some sort of machinery, both of which are done in Priego de Cordoba.

After they’ve fallen, they are gathered up and taken to a mill or production site. This is where the leaves and branches are separated from the olives, and the olives are pressed to make olive oil.

Watch the video to get the full inside-scoop on how olive oil is made from farm to table.