Darley’s launching an all new series, coming to PBS nationally spring of 2023 and airing now as a pilot on PBS in the NYC area on NJ PBS.  “Look Up with Darley: Newark” explores the stories behind buildings, parks and spaces that we pass everyday. It encourages us to “look up” from our devices to get curious about and appreciate our unique surroundings,  stunning architecture and lesser-known history. Darley’s kicking off this series with a pilot episode focused on Newark, home to unique theaters, churches and historic neighborhoods.

The series pilot was filmed in Newark, New Jersey, the largest city in the Garden State. Darley explores iconic buildings and neighborhoods uncovering Newark’s beauty and undiscovered history. Residents of New Jersey, Philadelphia and beyond can watch the pilot in primetime on New Jersey PBS. (schedule here)

From a hidden gem at Newark Airport to an Olmsted Park that dazzles, Darley enlists local historians and experts to share the intersection of history and culture through our built environment in New Jersey. She discovers our captivating surroundings often hidden in plain sight.

Viewers can go inside Audible Innovation Cathedral, an 80,000 square foot historic space retrofitted with contemporary offices amid a landmark status exterior that’s still intact. At Grace Church in downtown Newark, Darley hears the children’s choir sing “America the Beautiful,” a melody whose roots are in this historic church. Grace Church was designed in the 1840s by Richard Upjohn, who also designed Trinity Church on New York’s Wall Street. It is today a National Historic Landmark .

Liz Del Tufo guides Darley to Branch Brook Park, an Olmsted Park with the largest collection of cherry blossom trees in the USA and shares how this park came to be and why its so beloved by Forest Hill residents today.  Noelle Lorraine Williams, the Director of the African American History Program for the New Jersey Historical Commission, shares a lesser-known site outside of NJPAC and takes Darley to  The New Hope Baptist Church, where Whitney Houston grew up singing in the choir.

At an airport that millions pass through, Darley reveals a museum that’s open to the public inside an art deco masterpiece. She takes viewers inside of the the world’s first passenger terminals at Newark International Airport, where James Gill shares information about Amelia Earhart’s experiences there during the Golden Age of travel. In Newark’s Ironbound, Darley explores a history of immigration that’s spawned one of the best neighborhoods for foodies in New Jersey. Darley talks with  the “King of Meats,” Rodrigo Duarte at Caseiro E Bom and tries Spanish tapas at Casa de Paco on a food tour with Emily Manz of Have You Met Newark Tours. 

Darley is no stranger to launching new series with “Look Up” being her third original broadcast series. She believes that “Look Up” is different than any other series out there, much like the unique concept for her long-running series, ”Equitrekking,” which went on to win multiple Daytime Emmy Awards, circle the globe on networks in over 85 nations, spawned a whole new genre of travel and vocabulary, and still broadcasts a decade and a half later! 

Stay tuned for this unique series coming to a PBS station near you and streaming networks.