If you travel to Martinique, you have to sip on a Planteur, a fruity cocktail made with rum. Rum is prevalent on Martinique and not just any rum, rhum agricole, which is rum that’s distilled from sugarcane juice instead of molasses, which is used to distill many rums worldwide. If you travel around in the Caribbean, you’ll find different versions of Planter’s Punch, but one of the best places to sip on this drink is alongside the black sand beaches of Le Carbet, the small fishing village where Chef Guy Ferdinand, otherwise known as Chef Hot Pants, has his famous Le Petibonum Restaurant.

We filmed with Chef Hot Pants, sipping on our own Planteurs while feasting on super fresh seafood for the “Martinique Adventures” episode of Travels with Darley. We had to get Chef Hot Pants to share his recipe so we could all bring a little bit of the French Caribbean to our lives back home. Now nothing beats having a Planteur along a black sand beach, but if you turn the music up just a bit and have at least one of these, you’ll feel pretty fine.

Great Day Washington Darley Newman brings a Planteur Cocktail with Chef Hot Pants

Planteur’s Punch gets the spotlight on the set of Great Day Washington, a live CBS morning TV show in Washington, DC. Chef Hot pants paid a visit for a special cooking segment with Darley Newman.

Planteur Recipe from Le Petibonum in Martinique


  • 1 part rum Orange juice, guava juice and pineapple juice in equal quantity
  • ½ part sugar cane syrup
  • Cinnamon

Directions: Mix the fruit juice, rum, and syrup Add a pinch of cinnamon Serve cold on ice

Great Day Washington Darley Newman brings a Planteur Cocktail with Chef Hot Pants
Chef Hot Pants Restaurant in Martinique Le Petibonum