While Prague is a popular destination, it is not usually discussed for its cuisine like the other more well-known cities in Europe such as London, Paris, or Barcelona. Prague, however has much to offer in the way of good food and to satisfy your appetite! If you’re looking to eat traditional or more local fare, you’ve come to the right place. From traditional goulash to fried cheese, this is what to eat in the magical city of Prague! Known as ‘the city of a thousand spires,’ Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic.

Trdelník with different flavors of ice cream! (Photo Credits: Hailey Manlowe)
  • Trdelník (Also known as a Chimney Cake) Though these delicious cakes originated in Romania, they can be found everywhere in Prague! These cakes are rolled with sweet cinnamon sugar and then stuffed with any delicious topping you choose!  
Avocado-Radish Chlebíčky at a very cute cafe! (Photo Credits: Hailey Manlowe)
  • Chlebíčky (The Czech equivalent of an Open-Faced Sandwich) These traditional sandwiches are great for any meal or just a light snack. These sandwiches can be made with egg,  radishes, sweet onion, herring, salami, and cucumber. 
  Delicious Czech goulash at a Medieval Tavern!    Photo Credits: Hailey Manlowe 
  • Traditional Czech Goulash: A staple on pub and tavern menus! This delicious stew is enough to keep you warm on a freezing Czech winter’s day. Czech Goulash is usually made with beef, sweet onions, and various traditional spices paired with fluffy dumplings and an assortment of vegetables. 
An advertisement for Absinthe Ice-Cream! Photo Credits: Hailey Manlowe
  • Absinthe & Absinthe Ice Cream: Absinthe is a very popular spirit in the Czech Republic, and therefore has many different possible variations of the flavor. One can buy Absinthe in many forms; from small traditional bottles, tankards, and as Ice-Cream! 
      Czech Fried Cheese & Roasted Potatoes!       Photo Credits: Hailey Manlowe 
  • Fried Cheese – Need I say more? Delicious, crispy and gooey! 

With that delicious imagery, our article comes to a close. If you enjoyed reading about the best of Czech Cuisine in the beautiful city of Prague, be sure to check out our other articles from “Travels with Darley” to learn more about what our amazing world has to offer! 

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