Season 10 of Travels with Darley coming to PBS and Streaming

Travels with Darley Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia
Travels with Darley Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia

Stay tuned for an all-new 10th season of “Travels with Darley” coming to PBS stations in January and streaming on Ovation TV’s JOURNY March 2023.

The 10th season of TRAVELS WITH DARLEY will bring viewers insights into the deeper meaning of travel and life through diverse culture, cuisine, heritage, and history as told by the locals and Newman drawing on over a decade and a half of global travels. Launching January 2023 on PBS stations, Newman once again steps out of her comfort zone to share travels that help rejuvenate and restore balance between mind, body and soul.

Episodes include Quebec, Istanbul, Antalya & the Aegean Coast in Türkiye, “Cappadocia, Istanbul & Anatolia in Türkiye” “Santa Fe Railroads & Glamping,” “Santa Fe Art & History,” “Bordeaux, France Wine & History,” “Bordeaux, France Markets & Villages,” and “Wilmington, Delaware” with themes focused on wellness and dynamic women artists, entrepreneurs and visionaries. Darley also shares a special interview with George R.R. Martin, the creator of Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon, on his work revitalizing the Santa Fe Railroad into the new Sky Railway. 

With the opening of international borders after over two years of pandemic isolation, Darley anticipated people would want to visit places that would serve to quench their pent-up quest for travel and better their personal well-being. Women and wellness is a running theme of the 10th Season.

This 10th season milestone brings the series to a total of 59 half hours! Viewers can watch Darley’s previous episodes on PBS stations and streaming sites and their favorite apps, as well as online through Ovation TV’s JOURNY, Wondrium, Create TV and Amazon Prime.

See below for further insights into each new season episode. 


  • In Quebec, Darley meets a female winemaker who has turned an century-old sugar shack into a thriving winery that allows her staff to gain year-round employment in the Eastern Townships. In Quebec City, Darley finds at an Augustinian Monastery where travelers can restore their spirit while staying in dormitories, once the homes of cloistered nuns who helped those in need.
  • In Santa Fe, New Mexico, she visits iconic Ghost Ranch to walk in the footsteps of Georgia O’Keeffe with a cowboy who grew up alongside the artist and pioneer. Darley talks with George R.R. Martin, the famed creator of Game of Thrones and the new House of the Dragon, about his entrepreneurial adventures creating Sky Railway to bring back to life the old Santa Fe Railway. She rides the rails to the old West town of Lamy to share this immersive adventure that takes passengers back in time.
  • In Istanbul, Darley heads into the world’s first underground cruise terminal with trailblazing Chief Port Officer Figen Ayan at Galataport Istanbul, a sustainable building project working to meld old and new Istanbul and bring locals and visitors together in art-rich public spaces. In Cappadocia, she meets the Einstein of pottery, Chez Galip, and his wife Lillian Körükçü to learn how this multi-generational family of artists has inspired the women of Avanos and beyond to keep a centuries old craft alive. She travels to lesser visited Southeastern Türkiye to chronicle develops at a newly uncovered archaeological site that pre-dates Stonehenge by 6,000 years.
  • In Wilmington, Delaware, Darley dives into American history, tracing her Swedish heritage at the Old Swedes Church and examining at how historic spaces can help enrich our minds. She leads viewers through the historic du Pont estates and discovers how this family influenced everything from the growth of American citites to Jacqueline Kennedy’s restoration of The White House.|
  • In Bordeaux, France, Darley visits Cite du Vin, a museum devoted to wine, revealing the healing benefits of wine throughout history. She meets entrepreneurs and historians as she shares how to get the most out of your visit to France’s renowned wine region, including archaeological marvels, historic landmarks, cultural treasures—and multiple wine tastings.

This 10th season milestone kicks off on PBS stations starting January 2023 and spring of 2023 on Ovation TV’s Journy. Eight new episodes bring the series to a total of 59 half hours. 

Episodes include; “Quebec,” “Istanbul, Antalya & the Aegean Coast in Türkiye,” “Cappadocia, Istanbul & Anatolia in Türkiye” “Santa Fe Railroads & Glamping,” “Santa Fe Art & History,” “Bordeaux, France Part Wine & History,” “Bordeaux, France Markets & Villages,” and “Wilmington, Delaware.”