Star Trek Original Series Set Tour
Star Trek Original Series Set Tour

In Ticonderoga, New York, a superfan of the Star Trek series has painstakingly assembled a replica of the Stark Trek television series set and you can step inside with the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour.

This Stark Trek television series set is a great activity for fans of the series or those (like me), who don’t know a lot about Star Trek, but are curious about TV shows, media and history. The guides are knowledgeable and passionate about the series and its history. Every year, they enlist actor William Shatner for a special visit, and on normal days, it’s pretty fun to step on set and say “Beam me up Scotty!”

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Check out the Video Transcript from our Star Trek Original Series Set Tour.

Dave: What you’re going to see is the Transporter Room, and this is where they would beam in and out for their missions on the show. They would stand here and then film the plate. The actors would then step off. They put the special effect in later and that’s how I’d make the actor appear to disappear.

Darley Newman: I can go up here and get transported somewhere.

Dave: (laughs) Possibly…

Darley Newman: Okay. Let’s see. Where should I go today? I’ll say “Beam me up Scotty.” Party of five beam up.

Dave: Energize.

Darley Newman: Energize. Well, I’m not going anywhere today, so we’ll just move on down the road.

Dave: This is a forced perspective creation. It’s only about 12 feet long. When filmed with a camera from one angle it looks about 50 feet long. The engineering set was used for a lot of different purposes. In one episode, this was a gymnasium, in Charlie X where Captain Kirk is teaching Charlie gymnastics moves. When you look through the warp hole, you’d actually see guys doing exercises and gymnastics and so room could be used for a lot of different purposes.

Dave: Okay, we’re going to go to the briefing room next and this room was used for a lot of different purposes on the show in the 60s. They would redress it as the chapel, as the galley. They would have food dispensers on the wall sometimes. There’d be tables or there’d be people in there playing games. This is the room where you would see Spock playing his harp.

Darley Newman: How did a recreation of this entire Star Trek set end up here in Ticonderoga, New York?

Dave: Its owner, James Cawley grew up here as a Star Trek fan running around in his Star Trek shirts as a kid and it became a lifelong hobby building set pieces and eventually he brought it here and we finished constructing the entire set.

Darley Newman: Star Trek fans from all over the world come to the set to relive their childhood and learn about how the original set was constructed in the 60s.

Dave: Welcome to the bridge, Captain Kirk. You’d come on your bridge and check things out and then step out and take the chair.

Darley Newman:Might as well take a seat.

Darley Newman: I thought I’d end my trip through the Adirondacks from a place that would get me home the fastest. I could have taken a plane, train or automobile but I decided to come to the Star Trek original series set tour because here I can transport myself home. Thanks for watching Travels with Darley. Live long and prosper!