Are ancient treasures hidden inside Petra? Find out!

Many people know of Petra’s famous Treasury from the Hollywood film “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” with Harrison Ford. It’s inside that Ford finds the Holy Grail.

Petra is located in the southwestern corner of Jordan in the Middle East and this city, which was lost to the Western world for hundreds of years, is still fodder for local legend and mystery. On my visit to Petra, I saddled up on a camel, the way the ancient people would have traveled here, with Ibrahim Al-Wash, a local guide and Petra expert to gain insight into amazing Petra.

Ibrahim explained that the Treasury in fact is not a treasury at all and no gold, jewels or grails have been found here yet. It’s thought to be a large temple or tomb, but its purpose remains a mystery. Local legends surround the large pockmarked urn in the center of the second level. Some locals believe that ancient treasures might be hidden inside.

If you visit Petra, you can explore in a variety of ways. However you decide to see this magical city, you’re sure to have an outstanding adventure and definitely learn something new. Watch the video to see what Ibrahim and I found out about Petra.