Toasted Corn Salsa

Many of us are cooking while #stayinghome during COVID-19, so we wanted to share recipes for some of the great dishes we’ve had while filming for “Travels with Darley,” like this easy to make recipe for toasted corn salsa from Tahoe, Nevada.

While filming in Tahoe, we had the privilege of cooking with Chef Stephen J. Moise at The Ridge Tahoe. Chef Moise, the Executive Chef at Ridge Tahoe, has a passion for serving local, thoughtful, and healthy cuisine to his guests.

Before becoming Executive Chef at Ridge Tahoe, Chef Moise amassed experiences with famous locations and names such as New York City’s Tavern on the Green, Tommy Hilfiger, and Marriott. Due to his natural skill and honing his craft through professional work, Chef Moise has immeasurable proficiency in his field. The landscapes of Tahoe inspire Chef Moise to create healthy meals that also replenish you after a day in the great outdoors.

Here’s a recipe for the toasted corn salsa we enjoyed.

Toasted Corn Salsa Ingredients

1/4 cup -bacon- sliced
1- cup corn kernels
1- teaspoon jalapeños – small diced
1- Tablespoon Fresno chili- small diced
1/4- cup red onion- medium dice
2- Tablespoons green onions – sliced
1/4- cup teardrop tomatoes- 1/2ed
2- Tablespoons cilantro- chopped
Juice of 3 limes
Olive oil
Kosher or sea salt  

Next Steps
On a low heat, cook bacon till crispy, remove bacon- keep fat in pan
Pan on high heat (careful not too hot) add corn (have top to cover, will pop out of pan) cook for 30 seconds, stir- looking for scorched kernels but still firm, remove and cool

Add next 6 ingredients, mix,
Add juice – – mix
Add oil to mix, just to coat
Add bacon
Taste and add salt to lift flavor  

Great over fish, shrimp and chicken! Blend if you would like sauce.  

Salsa Notes
Acid, heat and salt are the focus points: look for balance. Heat from peppers change all the time. Fresno chili look like peppers; they have little to no heat but mild flavor. This recipe has bacon (can be omitted). Limes yield different amount of juice. You may need more, based on personal preference. Salt should be used as an enhancer to lift flavors you have; if you’re using bacon, it may already be salty enough… you decide. Enjoy!

More to come from Tahoe and stay tuned for this upcoming PBS episode of “Travels with Darley.”