#1 Mercado del Puerto in Montevideo, Uruguay

In Uruguay’s capital and largest city, Montevideo, get wined, dined and entertained at the Port Market, Mercado del Puerto. If you think your BBQ at home rocks, check out these grills. Grab a seat at whatever place smells the best to sample local cuisine. That’d be some meat. Uruguay is known for it’s cattle ranches and beef, which won’t disappoint at this meat lovers market.

#2 Friday Market in Avanos, Turkey

Turkey abounds with interesting markets, but for a hidden gem that’s truly a local’s hot spot travel to Cappadocia to the small town of Avanos, where there’s a popular market every Friday. It is the biggest local market of Cappadocia. From fresh fruits and meats to a whole lot of garlic, you can find just about everything here, proving just how good off-the-beaten path can be.

#3 Old Port Market in Quebec City, Quebec

Quebec City’s Old Port Market, Marché du Vieux-Port, is a year-round farmers market with everything from ice wine, to seasonal fruits and vegetables to stinky, tasty cheese. On my visit, I took in the scents of fresh basil and onions and home-baked goodness. This market will make you want to cook! The great thing about this market is that locals from Quebec City really do come here to shop. Enjoy taste testing your way through the market, a great place to pick up gifts for your foodie friends, that is, if you don’t devour them on your travels back home.