From the wet to the mysterious, the world’s most unusual hikes to earn you bragging rights.

Interested in hiking through a water filled gorge in Turkey? How about a mysterious South American valley thought to hold a special energy? Better yet, a wild canyon hike in the lowest nature reserve on earth by the Dead Sea. Watch the video above and read below to see some of the world’s most unusual hikes that will certainly earn you bragging rights

Hiking Saklikent Gorge in Turkey.Hiking Saklikent Gorge in Turkey.

#1 Saklikent Gorge, Turkey

Beautiful, but cold… Hiking the chilly waters of Saklikent Gorge, an eleven-mile long canyon about a forty-minute drive from the coastal city of Fethiye in Turkey, is not for the faint of heart. If you’re taking on this hike in the Mugla Province of southwestern Turkey, wear your shorts or swim suit. I actually wanted a wet suit on my trip through the canyon. In the summer in Turkey when temperatures rise, locals flock to Saklikent Gorge to cool off hiking and wading through the frigid waters. The flowing water originates from snowmelt in the Taurus Mountains, which accounts for its icy chill. Keep in mind that the water can get deep. I didn’t get very far on my hike, but can definitely say my trip to Saklikent Gorge cooled me off.

The walkway leading into the Gorge.The walkway leading into the Gorge.

#2 Mujib Nature Reserve, Jordan

Another interesting place to cool off is Jordan’s Mujib Nature Reserve, where you can hike and float in the lowest nature reserve on earth and take in views of the Dead Sea. Wadi Mujib has been called Jordan’s Grand Canyon, and it’s one of the most thrilling hikes I’ve ever experienced. If you’re planning on hiking here, be prepared to get wet and I mean really wet. If you’re afraid of heights, you may want to avoid the Canyon Trail. It leads to a 65 foot waterfall that you’ll need to rappel down. That’s taller than a six story building! With the right hiking guide, it can be a lot of fun.

Combine a hike at Wadi Mujib with a dip in the Dead Sea.Combine a hike at Wadi Mujib with a dip in the Dead Sea.

#3 Valle del Hilo de la Vida, Uruguay

My next pick for an extra-ordinary hiking adventure is the Valley of the Thread of Life in the small South American country of Uruguay. This mysterious valley holds a series of stone cones that may have been created by native people over a thousand years ago, but researchers aren’t sure exactly why. The valley is thought to be sacred and hold a special energy. I hiked with Alicia Morales, who owns La Salamora Estancia nearby. The valley is located near Minas in Lavalleja.

Unusual stone cones in the Valley of the Thread of Life.Unusual stone cones in the Valley of the Thread of Life.