Discover Korea LIVE 2021
Discover Korea LIVE 2021

Discover Korea LIVE with Darley on Wednesday, June 2nd at 8:20 PM (EST)! Darley will be chatting with Andrew Evans, former host of the National Geographic Channel, as they feast on the best of the best food and stories from their Korea adventures.

Darley Newman and Andrew Park dive into street food in Seoul.

Hear about Darley’s experiences free diving with a community of women on Jeju Island and learning to make kimchi from a master in Seoul. Hear about how Andrew self-quarantined in Korea for two weeks in the fall of 2020 and his top food picks. Tune into the show to see what Korean foods they dine on during the LIVE and also meet Billboard K-pop columnist Jeff Benjamin, South Korean girl group Oh My Girl and other Korean influencers and musicians

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Can’t wait till the event? How about taking a sneak peek with these clips?

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