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Darley at Sangumburi Crater
Darley Newman
TV Host, Writer & Entrepreneur


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TV host and travel expert Darley Newman has been traveling the world for over a decade with locals to share stories about authentic food, culture and adventures for her PBS series “Travels with Darley” and “Equitrekking,” now also on Amazon Prime and Ovation TV’s Journy. We’ve customized these vacation itineraries based on her travels, so you can enjoy:

Guided tours with many of the locals guides we’ve loved.
Special and additional access to unique destinations.
Vacation perks, like upgraded rooms, customized and private experiences and more.
Authentic experiences we’ve enjoyed testing out for you.

Our Preferred travel agents can work to customize a vacation to fit your needs and can also add on adventures, destinations or create a bespoke itinerary from scratch for you.

All Darley Vacations itineraries are private tours—no group tours with set departures, although our preferred travel agents regularly arrange tours for groups, whether its your family, for a family reunion, a couple, a group of friends, affiliated groups, and multi-generational families. 

These itineraries are curated by Darley and led by the local guides she’s met from around the world.  By traveling with the locals, you get an authentic adventure just like Darley.

Want Darley to lead your group on a future tour or would you consider booking a group tour if Darley leads one? Contact us to let us know.

Our preferred travel agents specialize in luxury travel, and can customize a tour to meet your needs and budget. Our listed itineraries include five star hotels and preferred room categories.

Airfare is not included in most of the itineraries, but our preferred travel advisors are happy to book flights for you or you may prefer to book your own international flights using miles or points. 

All of our itineraries are unique, bespoke and customized for you. Therefore, our preferred travel advisors will provide you with the cancellation policy when you inquire and at the time of booking, as the policies vary per trip. We are monitoring the constantly evolving global situation and working to best serve you.

Yes! They can reach out to us via email or by calling ‭800-979-0038‬.

Yes! You can book Darley Vacations itineraries for your clients. Contact our Preferred Provider of Travel Services to find out more.

For more information: 800-979-0038‬

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