Sporting my cozy scarf by EQL, perfect for the fall!

It’s more important than ever to be a responsible traveler. Taking the time to be thoughtful about how and where you travel and who you support on your excursions not only makes you a good global citizen, but a better ambassador for your home area. Save these travel tips to help you travel responsibly on your next adventures, whether you travel near or far!

Responsible Traveler Tips

1. Shop Local: Support locally owned businesses on your travels. 

You’ll learn something new about the area and help support small businesses, too, a feel-good travel proposition. Do you research ahead of time to find cool places to go and you can also ask the locals once you land for their recommendations. Local coffee shops, bars, B&B’s and restaurants are great for this, as are food and bike tours. Sign up, take a spin and learn!

2. Learn the Local Language or Lingo: 

Even if it’s just a few words, taking the time to learn the local language shows respect to the people and location you’re visiting. Words and phrases like thank you, please and good morning are usually relatively easy to master and go a long way!

3. Leave No Trace: 

Make sure to pack in and pack out whatever it is that you’re bringing on your travel adventures. Protecting the outdoors and your local environment makes for happier travels for the next generation. If you’re planning on camping, bring your own bags, so you can take your trash out with you.

4. Bring Reusable Items With You: 

Pack reusable straws, water bottles, your own toiletries and shopping bags so you don’t have to accumulate more waste on your travels. If you like coffee every morning, bring a coffee mug or reusable cup instead of using anything potentially styrofoam from a hotel room and to potentially use at a local coffee shop.

5. Opt-Out of Room Cleaning:

If you’re staying a few days at a hotel or B&B, reuse your towels (as you would at home) to avoid additional cleaning services, save on water and energy and help the environment.

There are many more ways to travel responsibly. Enjoy the small challenges and rewards it can bring to you and the planet! It can be rewarding for all!

Darley Filming in Kerrits Outfits

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