Martinique Rhum Drink Recipes from Habitacion Clement

On the island of Martinique, you have to do some rhum tasting and to make the occasion even more exciting, I’m sharing some Martinique Rhum Drink Recipes for you to make back home. There are rhum distilleries sprinkled throughout the island and a true not-to-miss is Habitacion Clement. Here you can not only see how Rhum Agricole is produced, but you can look in awe of the 14,000 barrels where rhum is aging, walk among fields of sugarcane and see exhibitions from Caribbean artists.

My guide Célia Sainville introduced me to the main home, the only Creole building recognized as a French historical monument in Martinique. World leaders including President George H.W. Bush have visited and held meetings in this stunning open-air home. It’s on the porch where I get my first taste of Clement Rum. We also tasted a 15 year old rhum… not bad! It was strong, but smooth. It was then that I decided I would definitely be bringing some of this rhum back hom.

Célia Sainville and Darley at Habitacion Clement
Célia Sainville and Darley at Habitacion Clement

In honor of our upcoming #BlackHistoryMonth LIVE showcasing our Martinique PBS episode, I decided to bust out the Clement rhum and try a new cocktail.

With two unique choices for rhum in my home right now, Clement Créole Shrubb and Clement Mahina Coco, I was wondering what to make. Often served during the holidays, the Clement Créole Shrubb combines white and aged Agricole Rhums with macerated Créole spices and bitter orange peels. The Mahina Coco combines fresh coconut and Rhum Agricole. Some people drink this by itself  on ice, while others combine juices for a true Caribbean flair.

And while I’ll try both of the below recipes at some point, join me LIVE on Wednesday to see which I mix for the occasion!

Créole Reverse Margarita Recipe

2 oz. Créole Shrubb
1 oz. premium tequila
¾ oz. fresh lime juice

Shake and strain into a cocktail glass rimmed with lime and salt (optional)

Créole Reverse Margarita
Créole Reverse Margarita

Cocomotive Drink Recipe

3 oz. Clément Mahina Coco
1 oz. Clément Select Barrel
1 oz. fresh lime juice

Shake hard (or blend) and serve

Cocomotive Drink Recipe
Cocomotive Drink Recipe

Which would you make? One of both? 

Learn more about Martinique vacations in the Darley Vacations section of the website. Check out Rhum Clement’s website to find out more recipes and where to get this rhum in the USA.