South Carolina: Revolutionary Road Trip Part II Episode: Travels with Darley

Darley joining Camden Battlefield cannon demonstration
Darley meets Trey Dunaway and reenactors at Camden Battlefield to participate in a cannon demonstration.

Visit historic locations in South Carolina on a Revolutionary Road Trip, starting from the coastal city of Charleston, the oldest and largest city in South Carolina, and ending in the state’s oldest inland city, Camden. Join Darley Newman to learn more about our nation’s founding and its future through the lens of history and travel to sites related to the American Revolution, as well as other historic gems you might want to seek out along this road trip route.

The journey begins at Drayton Hall, the only plantation house on the Ashley River to survive intact both through the revolutionary and civil wars. Trish Smith, director of preservation, shares her insight into the plantation’s remarkable preservation and its history. 

Darley then explores the American College of the Building Arts in Charleston, where Leigh Handal leads Darley on a tour to learn about craftsmanship and the preservation of historical structures. Colby Broadwater, the president of the college, showcases a rare collection of books in the library, dating back to 1565. 

Staying at The Kings Courtyard Inn in downtown Charleston, Darley immerses herself in the historic atmosphere. She visits the site of the Battle of Moncks Corner, followed by a visit to Howard’s Restaurant to eat some authentic southern breakfast and chat with owner Wanda Blair. Next is a visit to a historical landmark called Cherry Hill Classroom and learns about its legacy from Yvonne Knight Carter and Flora Gethers. 

Moving further inland to Camden, Darley explores the Santee Indian Mound and Fort Watson, where historian Rick Wise shares insights into their significance and the innovative tactics used during the American Revolution. Darley steps back in time with Stacey Ferguson to learn more about Camden’s history, then chats with Rickie Good at the Revolutionary War Visitor Center to learn more about the struggles that people faced during the Revolution. 

Darley’s journey continues on a unique tour of Camden with Dawn Crites and her Boykin Spaniel, Ever, showcasing the town’s connection to the state dog. Darley is shown around the Kershaw County Farmers Market by Dorothy Butterson Davis and her dog Piper. Darley reunites with Rick Wise at Camden Battlefield to learn more about the 1780 battle. Darley has the opportunity to fire a cannon with the help of Trey Dunaway, while also learning about the Battle of Camden Revolutionary War reenactment. 

The next stop is the National Steeplechase Museum, where Wesley Faulkenberry introduces Darley to the Carolina Cup and the importance of the Carolina Marsh Tacky horse breed. The South Carolina journey concludes with Darley saddling up with Wiley Bell and members of the Carolina Marsh Tacky Association to firsthand experience this rare breed used in the American Revolution. 

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