Enjoy this insider’s West Hollywood Video Tour of Sunset Marquis Hotel and Nightbird Studios, a luxurious West Hollywood retreat where musicians record hits and celebrities stay alongside regular travelers.

One of the top Off Sunset Strip hotels, the Sunset Marquis has a recording studio inside where legendary musicians like Justin Bieber, Aerosmith, U2 and Usher have recorded. This boutique West Hollywood hotel also has a great restaurant. Walking around, you’ll see cool photography of the celebrities who have spent time in this hotel, which has a secret entrance for them. The Sunset Marquis has been around for 50 years and always has been popular with rock ‘n’ roll legends.

West Hollywood Video Tour of Sunset Marquis Hotel: Transcript

Klaus Messner is showing me around the hotel and Bar 1200.

Darley Newman:           I’m seeing a lot of recognizable faces in photos.

Klaus Messner:             Oh absolutely, yeah. This was the place, you know where people came. They went down to the recording studio work down there at the same time they came up here and did hangout. That was the scene then. I mean just imagine it. It was quite hard to get in there’d been lines around the block. People had been waiting there, there was a velvet rope that had been doorman and security people. The Sunset was the first with a real professional setup where you could record 24/7 having a full blown professional top of the line [00:24:30] recording studio combined with the hotel was unique at that time and still seems to be unique nowadays.

Darley Newman:           Well I’ve already seen a few celebrities in my short time here so I can only imagine what’s going to happen tonight when I come down to the bar and have a few drinks, who knows, I may even go cut a record.

Bands can roll into the parking garage and surface inside the hotel’s enclave to lounge poolside, grab a drink or record, away from the paparazzi.

Klaus Messner:             To service the entertainment industry, we do have an underground tour bus parking option for tour buses, which drive underneath the loading dock, is closed at night, it’s completely secure. So those are just some of the conveniences, which definitely separate this hotel from any other. And of course are quite appreciated by any of those people, which tried to sneak in and sneak out and being less seen.

Darley Newman:           You know, that’s how I was rolling in today and I appreciated that you did that for me. It’s really, yeah.

Klaus Messner:             Absolutely, absolutely great I mean and you looked amazing on our security system.

Darley Newman:           What I think is cool is that I can actually stay here as a traveler amongst the great stars of our day and stars of the past.

Klaus Messner:             Well, and as you said, you, you’ve been part of that now based on your entrance.

Darley Newman:           Yeah, that’s true. Thanks for that.

So even though I may not be an a-lister, I felt like one on this trip to West Hollywood and its locals I’ve met on my journey through Pasadena, Costa Mesa, and the Angeles National Forest that have made a big metropolitan area feel cozy and oh so California. And about that record, I might’ve gotten inspired on this trip to LA.

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