Travels with Darley Podcast on iHeart: Season 2

Bringing the community together! Local business owners, tourism officials and even the Mayor came out to be part of Darley's podcast taping at Camp Aramoni in LaSalle County, Illinois. Listen to these episodes in Season Two of the Travels with Darley Podcast.
Bringing the community together! Local business owners, tourism officials and even the Mayor came out to be part of Darley's podcast taping at Camp Aramoni in LaSalle County, Illinois. Listen to these episodes in Season Two of the Travels with Darley Podcast.

Building upon the success of Season One, Darley Newman launches the second season of the “Travels with Darley” Podcast on iHeart, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Audible and wherever you listen to podcasts, inspiring listeners to travel in her footsteps! 

Emmy-award nominated TV host and producer Darley Newman’s “Travels with Darley” podcast has launched from season one straight into a second season, building upon strong numbers and audience response. Listeners from across the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Asia and around the world have tuned in to learn about new places to travel from Quebec to Belgium to Santa Fe. New episodes of Season Two are now dropping each Wednesdays on iHeart, Apple Podcasts, Amazon, Spotify, Podchaser, Podcast Addict, Jiosavvn, Castbox, Audible and more platforms.
Ranking in the top 10% of podcasts during its launch on iHeart in November and December, the “Travels with Darley” podcast has spurred an increase in travelers to locations featured in the podcasts. In the Province of Québec, multi-generational families were tracked booking trips following Darley’s podcasts on the Eastern Townships, Montreal and Québec City, including at luxury properties like Manoir Hovey on the shores of Lake Massawippi and with tour guides and tour companies in Montreal and Québec City. 
Photos from Season Two destinations featured in Darley’s podcast, including Starved Rock State Park and glamping in LaSalle County, Illinois and Prince William Forest Park in Virginia.
“I’ve always aimed to create content to inspire people to get out of their comfort zones and travel, whether it’s in their own backyards or further afield,” said Darley. “Traveling opens our minds and hearts to make us better people, and travel also helps small businesses and communities sustain and preserve their culture, history and local economies. For years, we’ve seen the TV series spur travel across the USA and around the world, and I’m excited that the new podcast is as well, reaching people through the largest podcast publisher in the U.S., iHeart.”
Darley Newman interviews entrepreneur Bob Windy of Star Union Spirits, part of the Glamping and Spirits podcast from Camp Aramoni in Illinois. This podcast was recorded before a live local audience.
Darley Newman interviews entrepreneur Bob Windy of Star Union Spirits, part of the Glamping and Spirits podcast from Camp Aramoni in Illinois. This podcast was recorded before a live local audience.
Season Two is taking viewers to national parks in Virginia and New Jersey, luxury camping or “glamping” sites in Illinois, battlefields in South Carolina and to learn about sports and inclusivity at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, among other diverse topics. Podcast listeners can learn more about global cultures and history, as well as food, parks, and natural wonders. The podcast continues to use rich audio captured on location while filming the TV and streaming series, as well as new interviews Darley is conducting from on location and from her home in New York City.
Darley recently traveled back to Illinois to go live on FOX Chicago to promote the podcast, hold a special screening at the Joliet Museum for her new Route 66 Illinois episode and also record new interviews for her podcast in LaSalle County. Darley and her team recorded a tour of the luxury glamping site at Camp Aramoni, which started out as a 19th-century brickyard and has been transformed into a campsite that welcomes travelers and also holds special events and weddings. While at Camp Aramoni, she also interviewed the Mayor of Streator, Tara Bedei, Star Union Spirits entrepreneur Bob Windy, Ana Koval of the Canal Corridor Association and Curt Bedei with the City of LaSalle and the LaSalle County Tourism Coalition. 

Rent a historic cabin camp 🏕️ in this national park and host 70 to 200 of your closest friends just outside of Washington, DC in Prince William County, VA. Listen to the Travels with Darley podcast to hear about this hidden gem and where to get great Turkish food and beer nearby. Search for “Travels with Darley” podcast on iHeart,, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more . . . . . . . . . . . #virginia #northernvirginia #nova #northernva #PWCHistory #visitPWC #virginiaisforlovers #visitvirginia #loveva #podcasttwd #nationalparks #camping #camp #nationalpark #campsite #parks #outside #vacation #iheart #podcast

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Podcasts featured in Season Two are also highlighted through original companion content on social media, including TikTok’s and Instagram Reels. Darley’s TikTok on Prince William Forest Park, a national park site outside of Washington, DC with a history related to the American Revolution and the CIA, received over 64,000 views, and her Instagram Reel published just last week on a woman-owned BBQ soul food restaurant in Tuscaloosa is climbing in the ranks.
Darley getting ready to go on FOX Chicago to promote the Travels with Darley podcast on iHeart and new season on PBS.
Darley getting ready to go on FOX Chicago to promote the Travels with Darley podcast on iHeart and new season on PBS.

Travels with Darley Podcast Season One Background

Launching fall of 2023 on iHeart, Apple Podcasts, Amazon, Spotify, Podchaser, Podcast Addict, Jiosavvn, Castbox, Audible, and wherever you listen to your favorite podcast, “Travels with Darley” season one numbers were strong! Between Nov 1, 2023 and the end of December, the “Travels with Darley” podcast went on to be in the 10% of podcasts with more than 1,200 HOURS of content consumed!
Much like her long-running PBS series, also available on streaming and free online, the “Travels with Darley” podcasts shares hidden gems and bucket list trips… Season One features James Beard award-winning chefs, inspiring entrepreneurs and authors, and passionate experts in Alabama, West Virginia, Quebec, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Great Britain and beyond. Darley’s podcasts stimulate her listeners’ imagination through descriptions that can only be crafted from first-hand experience and enriched by interviews and sounds captured on location.
Season Two Podcast Line-Up
Listen weekly on Wednesdays to catch new episodes of the “Travels with Darley” podcast and check out the below season season episodes in the pipeline.

Secrets, Simit, and Suds: Prince William County’s Hidden Gems 3/20
Discover a national park where spies once trained, a brewery with a spy theme and Turkish simit, all within a short drive of Washington, D.C. in Prince William County in Virginia. Explore the intriguing history of Prince William Forest Park with Ranger Brendan Bonner, including its role in military intelligence operations during WWII. Journey along the trails where General Washington and his troops marched during the American Revolution along the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail. 

Head to spy-themed Eavesdrop Brewery in Manassas, Virginia, where entrepreneur Sam Madden shares the brewery’s unique story and diverse beer offerings during Darley’s 10am beer tasting. Have a Turkish meal in Manassas complete with simit, Turkish bagels, with Serhat Yildizci at My Cravingz, a family-owned bakery and restaurant.  

Experience a delightful blend of history, culture, and craft beer as PBS TV host Darley Newman joins locals to uncover the hidden treasures of Prince William County in Northern Virginia


Ben Lomond: Unveiling the Legacy of a Civil War Confederate Hospital 3/27
Step back in time to the Civil War era as you learn about Ben Lomond Historic Site’s transformation from a plantation to a Confederate hospital, complete with tales of hauntings and Civil War graffiti. Your guide, historian and author Kevin Pawlak, leads the way through this hidden gem nestled near Manassas Battlefield National Park, just outside of Washington, D.C. Marvel at the resilience of the Pringle family, who witnessed the turmoil of battle from their home turned hospital. Learn about the lives of the enslaved people who called Ben Lomond home and delve into the complexities of their daily existence. Step into a world where history resonates not just through sights and sounds but through smells, as podcast creator and PBS TV host and producer Darley Newman takes you to discover the past in Prince William County in Northern Virginia.


Exploring Rippon Lodge, a Colonial Gem in Prince William County, VA 4/3
Travel back to Colonial Virginia with site interpreter Nate McDonald as we tour Rippon Lodge, a historic home dating back to 1747 in Prince William County, just outside Washington, D.C. Discover how the Blackburn family, prominent during the American Revolution, shaped the region’s history. Explore the significance of Rippon Lodge along the King’s Highway and its role in supporting the American and French armies on their march to Yorktown.  

Delve into the Blackburns’ political and military contributions, and wander through the preserved rooms adorned with family portraits. Learn about Rippon Lodge’s place on the Washington Rochambeau National Historic Trail and its resilience through challenges like the War of 1812 and the Civil War.  

Join us on this journey through time in a special episode of “Travels with Darley,” as we uncover Rippon Lodge’s rich heritage and celebrate its enduring legacy. Thank you for joining us as we preserve history for future generations. Watch for this content in video format in the “Travels with Darley” TV series on PBS and streaming.

Exploring the Natural Wonders of Starved Rock State Park in Illinois 4/10
Illinois may be called the Prairie State, but in this Travels with Darley podcast episode, you’ll discover parts of the state where rock canyons, waterfalls and rivers remind us of the diversity of the terrain in Illinois. Less than an hour and a half southwest of Chicago, join Darley Newman to explore Starved Rock Country with Kathy Casstevens, who has frequented the park since childhood. Uncover the cultural and geological history of this park, where canyons are named after French explorers and frozen waterfalls in the winter serve as a playground for ice climbers. Get practical tips on where to stay, eat and other attractions in LaSalle County, as you take an immersive hike through Starved Rock State Park.

Luxury Camping and Craft Cocktails: Camp Aramoni & Star Union Spirits in Illinois 4/17
How many times have had happy hour, bellied up to an Airstream travel trailer and surrounded by wildflowers? Or gone camping in a tent with high security? Explore luxury camping or “glamping” in Illinois by touring Camp Aramoni with entrepreneur Jennifer Bias. Located in LaSalle County close to popular Starved Rock State Park, travelers venture here to unwind in safari style tents, complete with s’mores and local spirits made from Illinois corn and popular for weddings. Learn about Camp Aramoni’s transformation from a 19th-century brickyard to a haven for relaxation and adventure. Inside the camp’s luxe barn, meet Bob Windy of Star Union Spirits to taste a signature brandy old fashioned and learn about how he helped transform an old factory into the first licensed distillery in Peru in over 100 years.

Streator Street Art & Sparkling Wine in Starved Rock Country, Illinois 4/24
Amid the Prairie State, street art, sparling wine and starved rock? Venture beyond popular Starved Rock State Park to discover Illinois wine industry at August Hill Winery in Utica. Entrepreneur and vintner Mark Wenzel shares the secrets behind Illinois sparkling wine and its unique character shaped by the region’s soil and climate. Delve into the vibrant street art scene in Streator, where over 40 pieces of public art adorn the cityscape, thanks to the efforts of the Walldogs. Mayor Tara Bedei gives us insight into Streator’s transformation and the community’s unwavering spirit. From sipping sparkling wine to marveling at larger-than-life murals, this episode highlights the passion of locals who are shaping the cultural landscape of their communities, inviting travelers to experience the heart and soul of LaSalle County.

Exploring Ottawa: History & Hidden Gems Along the Illinois River 5/1
Uncover the rich history of Ottawa, Illinois, nestled along the banks of the Illinois River, by cycling, canoeing, and visiting small businesses. From American Indian heritage to the Irish immigrants who shaped its canal history, journey through this Midwestern gem close to Chicago, exploring its historic sites, charming neighborhoods, and vibrant local culture. Canoe the Illinois River and cycle along the I&M Canal and hear about the area’s history from Ana Koval of the Canal Corridor Association. Marvel at murals depicting American history and stroll Washington Square, the site of the first Lincoln-Douglas senatorial debate on August 21, 1858.

Legendary BBQ: Dreamland BBQ and Thomas Rib Shack in Tuscaloosa 5/1
Discover the fiery flavors of Tuscaloosa as Darley visits two beloved BBQ spots run by inspiring women. From Betsy McAtee’s iconic Dreamland BBQ with its famous ribs to Sharon Thomas’ cherished Thomas Rib Shack, indulge in generations of Southern tradition and taste. Join us for a sizzling tour through Tuscaloosa’s BBQ legacy, where every bite is a celebration of community and culinary mastery.

City Cafe and Nick’s in the Sticks: Women-Owned Taste of Tuscaloosa 5/8
Visit iconic women-owned Tuscaloosa establishments for flaming cocktails and classic meat and three: City Cafe and Nicks in the Sticks. From home-style meals at City Cafe with Geanie Brown to legendary cocktails at Nicks in the Sticks with Carla Moltz, discover the light-your-drink-on-fire flavors and stories that define Tuscaloosa, Alabama’s dining scene. Tune in for a taste of Southern hospitality and local charm with Darley Newman exploring the culinary gems loved by University of Alabama students and locals alike.

Breaking Barriers: Exploring Adapted Athletics in Tuscaloosa and Rama Jama’s 5/22
Breakfast and learn at an iconic college town restaurant, Rama Jama’s, with Dr. Margaret Stran who helped pioneer the Adapted Athletics program at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, where sports and accessibility converge. Dr. Stran shares its inspiring genesis and growth as Darley Newman tries the National Champ Biscuit breakfast. Next, step inside the largest and biggest facility dedicated to adapted athletes in the world, theStran-Hardin Arena, to be a fly on the wall for the University of Alabama’s Women’s Wheelchair Basketball practice.  Hear about the dedication of these athletes, including intricacies of the sport. Explore the thoughtfully designed locker rooms to understand how accessibility extends beyond the court, with every detail meticulously planned to accommodate athletes of all abilities, symbolizing a commitment to inclusivity beyond the court.

And more to come! 

Stay tuned for the next line-up from South Carolina, Virginia, Lake Tahoe and beyond. Listen and subscribe to the “Travels with Darley” podcast  iHeart, Apple Podcasts, Amazon, and wherever you listen to your favorite podcast.