Learn about how and where to travel in 2021 with my Smithsonian Associates Zoom event!
Learn about how and where to travel in 2021 with my Smithsonian Associates Zoom event!

Are you craving for travel after being stuck at home for months? Good news, travelers! On Tuesday, October 20th at 6:45 p.m. ET, I’m honored to share my recommendations for the best destinations for 2021 in a live-streamed Smithsonian Associates program.

This is a helpful event to attend on Zoom if you’re looking at traveling next year. From Asia to Europe, the USA to Africa, I’ll share a diverse cross-section of travel opportunities, as well as how to enhance your safety practices away from home. I’ll also include photos and videos from my past trips to fuel your curiosity.

I miss my time hiking the Angeles National Forest in LA.

Starting from September 1st, Americans from Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. are allowed to enter Costa Rica, and residents of Colorado, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania will be allowed to visit as of September 15, 2020. The situation with how and where you can travel is changing quickly with many people still wondering if they really should travel at this point.

Although the CDC is still not recommending travel right now, some destinations are opening back up. While you may hesitate to travel in 2020, many of us look forward to hoisting on a traveler’s backpack (or roll luggage ; ) for 2021. I know I do!

Me with a whole lotta oysters at Morro Bay along California’s Central Coast.

For this special event, I’ve been interviewing top experts related to travel and tourism to find out how and where to travel next, as well as speaking with destinations across the country and world to find out what they are doing differently surrounding COVID-19. I’ve also compiled lots of video inspiration from destinations that I’ve visited previously, where you can combine culture, cuisine, adventure and great nature escapes for a truly awesome vacation you’ll want to have on your future travel list.

I’ve recently had to take flights and road trips to help out an ill family member during COVID-19. Though not the ideal summer travel adventures, it’s definitely opened my eyes to precautions travelers should take and are and changes to planes, trains, automobiles and pit stops that you’ll want to know about.

I can’t wait to share these insights with you to help you and me travel better for the future and learn about those destinations that are great for social distancing and fun.

Please check out the Smithsonian Associates’ website for more information and to reserve your ticket. Hope to see you there!

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*The program made possible in part by the support of the Korea Tourism Organization.