Best of Martinique Travel Guide

Rum tasting, beaches and the best of Martinique! Watch our Travel Guide Video and read our tips to exploring the French Caribbean.

In the heart of the Lesser Antilles between Dominica and St. Lucia, Martinique is a French Caribbean island that combines beautiful beaches and bays with lush rainforests and mountains, quiet fishing villages and vibrant culture. Whether you’re headed to Martinique for the first time or returning for a visit, don’t miss these hidden gems and top attractions on an off the beach. Interested in a Martinique vacation? Don’t miss our Darley Vacations Martinique Vacation. 

#1 Rum Tasting

Martinique is well known for its rhum with distilleries sprinkled across the island that travelers can visit and enjoy. Strictly controlled by the French government, Martinique’s rhum agricole is made from fresh sugarcane juice and this small island has a few distilleries that are truly standouts, like Depaz Distillery and Habitacion Clemont, where you can combine rum tasting with art, history and adventures in the great outdoors. Whether you drink at a distillery or on the beach, we recommend ordering a Planteur cocktail to celebrate like the locals in Martinique.

Measuring rum in Martinique
Measuring rum in Martinique at Habiracion Clement.

#2 Nature Adventures

With rainforests, gardens, historic plantations and uninhabited islands, there are lots of places to take in nature in Martinique. Make sure to visit Habitation Ceron, where a 300-year old tree stands majestically alongside gardens, trails and the ruins of a former sugar plantation. For an even deeper dive, take a sailing lesson, go snorkeling or enjoy a hike on a private island after exploring mangoves, all ways to get active away from your beach chair.

Darley takes a Sailing lesson

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#3 City Tours

The capital city of Fort de France is a must-visit, especially if you want to shop while in Martinique, but the old capital of Saint Pierre should also be on your list. Coined the “Little Paris of the West Indies” in the 19th century, Saint Pierre was wiped out by a volcanic explosion in 1902 and today, travelers can visit the remains of this devastation, walking around a sort of open air museum, by the sea.

Saint Pierre in Martinique and some of the ruins
Saint Pierre in Martinique and some of the ruins

#4 Historic Sites

From the Slave Savannah to the Pottery Village, Martinique has a variety of places to learn about the island’s rich history.  Don’t miss the Slave Memorial, The Slave Savannah and La Pagerie Museum in Trois Ilets, dedicated to Empress Josephine, the wife of Napoleon, and her interesting and somewhat controversial life.

The Clay Men performing at the Pottery Village in Martinique
The Clay Men performing at the Pottery Village in Martinique

#5 French Creole Cuisine

Taste testing new foods on your travels is a surefire way to truly get to know a culture and its history. While Martinique is known for its super-fresh seafood, the island is also known for mixing French and Caribbean flavors into natively Creole dishes. Whether you try the local specialties served up by a Michelin star chef or street vendor, you’re in for a treat.

Gilber Larose at the Slave Savannah
Gilber Larose at the Slave Savannah

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